Escaping Northern VA

Sara and I skipped town last Thursday for a few days. We headed down to my parents for a few days of R&R. Gramma and Granddaddy and Aunt Beth got to see Sara and I got a few “mommy breaks”. Beth and I even went to see a movie! Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason”. Great chick flick. 🙂 Only bad part was driving home today. Interstate 95 is the worst. Between staying out of the way of the maniacs and having to rubberneck to get by an accident, I wised up and exited. God Bless backroads! Sara was happy – she got to see farms with horses and cows and I was able to relax the death grip I had on the steering wheel. 😉 I think Eric enjoyed the break too. He got to sleep in and play on the computer without interruptions. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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