Tornado, up close and personal

Yikes. Last Friday night we were going to meet some friends for dinner. The weather was pretty sketchy most of the day and there were tornado warnings south of us. Welllllll…we’re driving and the sky looks a little strange and then we see the funnel. It’s headed right towards us. It had flashes of blue in it (electrical?) and seemed to be moving pretty quickly. We pulled over for a bit then made a u-turn and headed right home. I don’t think my heart has ever beat so fast!! Got home to no power. Waited for about a half hour then ended up going to a local neighborhood eatery and had pizza. Restaurant was packed – I think that shopping center was the only thing around with power. Power came on about 10:30 – 4 hours later. Heard the next morning that the tornado we saw did some damage to an office park and knocked out traffic lights and power to the majority of Ashburn. Fun times!

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