Crutches and Percoset and bandages…oh my!

Wow. What a day it was yesterday! We got to the surgical center at 10:30 and went right to pre-op. I got to wear a LOVELY (and drafty) gown and these amazing booger green slipper socks. Loved the socks so much I wore them home! 😉 IV started, right knee was marked with a green dot so they fixed the correct one, and I got asked a million questions. Waited impatiently for the anestheologist to arrive (Dr. Phil) and he asked me a million more questions. Waited a little longer because there was a 5 year old girl having surgery on her broken arm. It took longer than expected – I overheard the words “fused the bone” – ouch! Ok, so Dr. Phil comes in and gives me a “martini” to make me drowsy and then I’m wheeled off. I remember kissing Eric and telling him I’ll see him later. (this is about 12:30pm)

Next thing I remember is a nurse telling me to wake up and take deep breaths. I opened my eyes and it was 3:10. I kept nodding back off. She kept telling me to take deep breaths and cough. I must have done this until about 4pm. The anesthesia made me really congested and she kept checking my lungs and having me cough. I finally got to have a few sips of water. It was the best water ever – I hadn’t had anything since 9pm the night before. She then moved me to a reclining chair and brought Eric up. I got to have a coke and some crackers and a percoset. Yay! food! 🙂 After about 30 minutes of sitting up and her checking my lungs and the percoset kicking in, I was able to get dressed and GO HOME! The ride home was bumpy and painful. Too many darn potholes on Rt.7!! Made Eric stop and get me a big gulp – my throat was raw and starting to swell from the breathing tube. Got home and was SO EXCITED to see Sara. She had spent the day with our neighbor Staci. Staci has 3 girls of her own (what’s one more, right?!). Sara had a blast playing with them and didn’t want to come home. Unfortunately, she had so much fun there that she didn’t nap and was a big ‘ol grump once we got her home. We were so looking forward to bedtime! I got set up on the couch with lots of pillows, the cordless phone and ice water. Percosets are being popped about every 4 hours and so far the pain hasn’t been too severe. I will go back on Tuesday for a follow-up appointment and a dressing change.

As far as the actual procedure, Eric will have to fill you in. I remember absolutely nothing except that the tear was cut out and I had a lateral release procedure. Lateral release is an incision made in a tendon next to my kneecap to re-align everything. Ok, enough rambling from me. Eric will post a before and after picture and add details.

Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes!

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